Building the capacity of local actors is critical to the development of lasting and sustainable solutions

Doctors of The World – USA (DOW) empowers local actors to play a leading role in our projects.

Providing vital skills, systems, and tools.  DOW’s comprehensive training programs provide health care workers and other community members with the expertise to identify and treat illnesses as well as implement care and prevention campaigns.  The tools and protocols that DOW develops improve the efficiency and quality of local health systems, which enable marginalized or isolated populations to access health services and follow treatment plans as needed.  DOW also trains local actors to become advocates for community needs, working for sustained change at a civic and systematic level.

Training the trainers.  The impact of DOW’s work grows exponentially as the health care providers and community members who participate in trainings pass skills and knowledge on to their communities and peers.  The tools and protocols that help local health workers to establish quality health care systems are passed on when successful programs are replicated at a regional or national level.

Lasting solutions.  When DOW’s involvement in a particular region comes to an end, the programs and solutions that we have implemented will endure.   Extensive training ensures that health professionals, government agencies, and community members have the knowledge to address specific health issues and are equipped with the tools and systems to expand and replicate successful programs for years to come.

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